NSPIRE Outreach

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NSPIRE Outreach’s mission is to end homelessness and offer hope for men and women who are in a perpetual state of homelessness, and quite often, despair. There are two distinct opportunities through which this is accomplished; the NSPIRE Launch (13 weeks) and NSPIRE Life (6 month) programs. Let’s explore the aspects of these programs, the reasoning behind those aspects, and most importantly, the effects of the programs on the participants who so desperately need long-lasting change for their lives.

NSPIRE Outreach changed my life.

Michael Foster

NSPIRE Outreach is the most amazing program. I am getting my life back, and I am so grateful. If you are serious about changing your life for the better, look into NSPIRE.

Rhonda LeMire

Being here at NSPIRE is one of the best experience I've ever been involved in.

James Crump

Using the powerful NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life programs, NSPIRE Outreach has been able to help empower, heal, and begin the process of mending the lives of so many people who had previously been struggling in a perpetual state of homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, abuse, and more. To date, more than 1000 people have successfully completed the NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life Programs, and have been considered completely and totally rehabilitated, ready to embark on a brand-new lease on life. Various program participants have gone on to enjoy amazing things such as addiction-free lives, spiritual renewal and total rehabilitation, successful job security, job promotions, family reconciliations, home ownership, independent vehicle ownership, completion of college degrees, completion of specialty job training certificates, and so much more!

To explore a more in-depth analysis of the specific aspects of the NSPIRE Launch program from NSPIRE Outreach, check out any of the following pages! Just click the link of a program aspect you’d like to know more about, and explore all of the cohesive parts that work together to help make the NSPIRE Outreach programs the life-changing blessing that has helped so many people who have spent a lifetime dealing with Homelessness, Addiction, Abuse, and more.

Without this program, there is no telling where I’d be!! Thank you NSPIRE!

Kylie Weems

NSPIRE Employment

NSPIRE Outreach offers Job Training, Skills Training, and Entry-Level Employment Opportunities to program participants. NSPIRE Outreach fully believes that gainful and successful employment is a foundation of self-sustainment.

NSPIRE Housing

The NSPIRE Homeless Ministry would be incomplete without the assurance of providing safe, stable housing for all program participants. Housing is easily our most vital program aspect to helping end the state of homelessness.

NSPIRE Education

From GED Programs to Secondary Education Degrees and Training Certifications, NSPIRE Education helps every program participant overcome the obstacles that once might have held them back from career advancement and fulfillment.

NSPIRE Counseling

NSPIRE’s professional counseling is a big part of the total success for the NSPIRE Outreach programs. Every participant is able to fully discover and address the patterns in their past behavior and relationships that have hindered their lives.

NSPIRE Clothing

Donated Clothing items from our friends and neighbors allow us to bless program participants with new wardrobes, as well as provide resources many other local homeless people and shelters, and fund a portion of our NSPIRE programs.

NSPIRE Fitness & Health

NSPIRE Outreach is a Total Life Rehabilitation Center. This includes an emphasis on Healthy Lifestyles that includes a fully comprehensive emphasis on Restoring optimal balance between the Body, Mind, and Spirit of our participants.