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At NSPIRE Outreach, we encourage a Healthy Lifestyle for all of our NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life program participants. We believe a holistic approach is the most successful way to help restore lives.

Great organization! Love how the mission is to holistically train individuals who have fallen on hard times. While many programs provide basic food and shelter, NSPIRE Outreach goes much further to teach skills and provide tools so that individuals can completely transition in mind, body and spirit.

Nancy Forbes

The Important Role that NSPIRE Outreach Health and Fitness Plays in NSPIRE Outreach’s Overall Program Success

We simply couldn’t talk about the overall success of the NSPIRE Launch AND NSPIRE Life programs without talking about the importance of the NSPIRE Outreach Health section of our programs. Study after study has shown the importance of a holistic approach to a Healthy Lifestyle that includes the right balance of and emphasis on holistic nutrition, physical exercise, strength training, cardiovascular health, and flexibility training. Two to three professionally administrated workout sessions per week are arranged for each program participant to meet them where they are physically, and help them push forward to a higher state of physical fitness, strength, flexibility, and total body health.

As part of the mind, body, spirit emphasis on the NSPIRE Outreach Homeless restoration and rehabilitation programs, many of our program participants have dealt with, or are currently dealing with, addictions to drugs, alcohol, or other abusive substances. The NSPIRE Outreach Health and Fitness focus is also partly geared towards helping participants emphasize the importance of substance-free living. Randomized drug and alcohol screenings are a part of the NSPIRE Outreach Health system of accountability for NSPIRE’s program participants.

Why Does NSPIRE Outreach Place an Emphasis on Healthy Lifestyles and Physical Well-Being?

Quite simply, the holistic Approach to rehabilitating the mind, body, and spirit of someone who has been stuck in a perpetual state of homelessness would be incomplete without a focus on helping restore Health and Fitness. Study after study has shown the importance of Healthy Living, Proper Nutrition, and Physical Exercise on the mental and emotional state of a person. These percentages are multiplied when it comes to someone dealing with addictions, poor life choices, and hopelessness. Often, healthy lifestyle changes can have an almost immediate effect on a person’s outlook on life, on their overall health, on their mental well-being, and on the potential success regarding any intended changes that person is looking to make in their life.

At NSPIRE Outreach, we believe that the human body was designed by God to have a healthy system of intake, as well as a lifestyle that requires physical exertion. If we are putting the wrong things in our body, or we are stuck in sedentary lifestyles with no physical activities, our lifestyle situations can only get worse. And a decrease in quality of life is simply not something that NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life program participants can legitimately afford.

In short, an emphasis on Healthy Living, Proper Nutrition, and Physical Exercise helps complete the holistic “Mind, Body, and Spirit” approach that NSPIRE Outreach takes with every program participant. Without that emphasis, we believe the overall success of our life-restoration programs would be quite different. NSPIRE Outreach Health simply works.