NSPIRE Outreach Education

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As part of the Body, Mind, Spirit approach to the NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life programs, the NSPIRE Outreach Education program is an amazing way for program participants to cultivate an amazing future!

Six months ago I was incarcerated. Then I came to NSPIRE, and got my GED. Now I’m at Gwinnett Technical College getting my associates in Commercial Construction Management.

Joshua Anthony Rodriguez

NSPIRE Outreach Education – Giving NSPIRE Program Participants the Means to Build a Strong Future

A very empowering aspect of the NSPIRE Launch and the NSPIRE Life programs from NSPIRE Outreach is the NSPIRE Outreach Education segment. This is specially designed and implemented specifically for each program participant based on need, interests, and potential capabilities. The NSPIRE Outreach Education portion of the programs might include the NSPIRE GED Program, Secondary Education, Technical School or Trade School, or whatever will give each individual the greatest chance for personal success.

In 2017 alone, NSPIRE Outreach was able to contribute around $30,000 towards educational costs for program participants. Each program participant is required to participate in continued education of some kind. This may be represented by obtaining a GED, entering an online certificate program, working towards a 2-year technical degree, or embarking on a full four-year degree. Among other scholarships and assistances, NSPIRE also awards a $500 grant to each client to assist with books, supplies, and other miscellaneous school-related expenses.

NSPIRE Outreach Education – Education for Employment, for Certifications, for Degrees, and for Life

Though most of the reputation of the NSPIRE Outreach Education program is focused on the NSPIRE GED Program, Secondary Education Programs, Job Training for specific employment opportunities, and Technical School or Trade School Certificate Programs, we can never lose sight of the importance of internal education for our people. All of the NSPIRE programs put a huge emphasis on internal growth and education for our program participants. This includes Spiritual Education and Fostering, as well as what we call “Life Skills” Education.

During the NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life programs, we teach 4 different classes for every participant that includes a myriad of important Life Skills subject matter like Goal Setting, Self Esteem, Financial Literacy, and Career Readiness. We consider these aspects of NSPIRE Outreach Education to be of utmost importance, because they could potentially affect every decision that our program participants make, both while they are in their respective NSPIRE Outreach program, and when they are fully embedded in a new, productive, thriving life. NSPIRE Outreach Education offers all program participants an opportunity to expand their mind, their skills, their capabilities, their certifications, and their future.

I've witnessed many, many, many people at their lowest change their lives for the better through this program! The pastor and his wife are truly amazing people who do wonderful things for our community.

Amina McGhie