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One of the greatest and most necessary aspects of the NSPIRE Ministry Programs is Professional Counseling. Every program participant receives the level of Counseling they need, in order to process their past and move successfully into the future. Come see what NSPIRE Counseling can do.

“I met Pastor Gregg and NSPIRE over 15 years ago. In that time frame, I can claim 9 years of marriage, 11 years of sobriety and over 13 years of being continuously clean and free of drugs. Thanks Pastor Gregg and all those who have helped me on this wonderful journey.

George Zeke Dunn

“How Did I Get Here?” Professional Counseling from the NSPIRE Ministry Can Help

Though it may seem like it happens overnight, no one ever goes to sleep in the comfort and safety of their home and wakes up in a perpetual state of Homelessness. There are often countless triggers, decisions, choices, and actions that can cause someone to spiral down the long abyss that can end in Homelessness, Addiction, Destitution, and Despair. Professional Counseling, from a Licensed and Certified Therapist, can help someone unlock the entire sequence of events, regardless of long it spans, or how many twists and turns their pathway has taken on the route to Homelessness.

Professional Counseling through the NSPIRE Ministry consists of weekly scheduled meetings with a clinical psychologist. The Counselor to whom each individual program participant is assigned will have the necessary specific experience in whatever each person is dealing with, whether it be addiction, abuse, post-traumatic stress disorder, or any other life issue that has been plaguing someone. The participants also meet in group therapy sessions as well as their regularly scheduled individual counseling sessions. These group sessions can focus on a variety of life skills, including standard survival skills, how to successfully live and work in a community, and more. The sessions also focus on how to address multiple fears and life changes that may trigger unwelcome behaviors during this important life transition phase.

I’m an 8-year Veteran of the United States Marines. I lost myself in drugs. Then I came to the NSPIRE Program. And I found myself again.

NSPIRE Program Participant, US Veteran

10-15% of the NSPIRE Outreach participants are Veterans of the United States Military. If you think for one second that issues like Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) are not legitimate causes for concern in the life of a Military Veteran, or any other person who has been involved in major trauma, you’re wrong. Military Veterans can sometimes feel neglected, unwanted, or disrespected by those same countrymen they fought so hard to protect while in the service. Feelings of disrespect, combined with PTSD-type symptoms, can combine to form one of the darkest internal struggles that many of our veterans face on a daily basis. And unfortunately, there’s quite often no escaping the internal battle that many veterans face. So if they aren’t actively facing their troubles head-on, the situation can boil under the surface until it eventually erupts into a terrible, life-derailing series of actions, choices, and decisions that can lead to addiction, homelessness, and despair. But for these Veterans, homelessness and despair don’t have to last forever. The caring people from NSPIRE Outreach make it a point to reach out to U.S. Armed Forces Veterans who are in a state of perpetual homelessness, and to offer them long-lasting life change through Counseling, Spiritual Renewal, Job Training, and more!