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NSPIRE Life (6 Months) is an extensive, in-depth, 6-Month version of NSPIRE Launch (13 weeks). Each program is specifically tailored to help restore someone who has fallen victim to a perpetual state of Homelessness, and all the baggage that can contribute to someone ending up there. The entire NSPIRE Outreach Community is thrilled to be an advocate for long-lasting life change through NSPIRE Life.

A WONDERFUL ORGANIZATION!!! I have known these folks for the past 17 years and there is no one who works harder for the community. This program needs to be in every neighborhood around the country. They have SOLUTIONS for homelessness and victims of domestic violence that work! They help people turn their lives around, no handouts, just a hand up. Love Nspire!

Sheila Fox

NSPIRE Life and NSPIRE Launch – Helping People Change their Lives Completely Since 2007

If you’ve been around the NSPIRE Outreach program very much, or if you’ve ever run across one of our successful program participants, you have no doubt heard plenty about what God has done through the NSPIRE Outreach Homeless Ministry and Restoration programs over the years. We would be naïve to say that every program participant has been able to complete the necessary requirements that we deem fitting for complete rehabilitation, but we can say that those who have stayed through until the end have definitely earned every bit of progress they’ve made in their lives. We have seen some amazing, life-altering transformations in the lives of those who were once lost in a perpetual state of homelessness. Most of our NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life program participants were delivered from situations of substance abuse, domestic violence, neglect, and despair, as well any other things that had them spiraling deeply into the pit of homelessness that they had experienced for an untold period of time.



We believe that successful employment is one of the foundational building blocks of life-long success, especially when avoiding a state of homelessness. NSPIRE Outreach offers Job Training, Skills Training, and official Employment through Clothing Drives, and more.


It’s no mystery that NSPIRE Outreach could not actually call themselves an official Ministry to the Homeless if we didn’t remedy the literal situation of Homelessness. NSPIRE Life participants pay 0 Housing costs for the first 13 weeks, and only 40% for the final tenure.


From the NSPIRE GED Program, to Secondary Education programs, to Specialty Training Certifications and more, NSPIRE Life brings a 6-Month Commitment to the Education of our Program Participants.


One of the preliminary and most vital turning points of the NSPIRE Life program was the implementation of Professional Counseling for all program participants. NSPIRE Counseling truly changes lives!


Through the donations of our friends and neighbors, we are able to offer high-quality wardrobes to our participants that are suitable for work and life, and we are also able to help fund all NSPIRE Outreach programs.


NSPIRE Outreach attempts to take program participants through holistic restoration process that includes an emphasis on restoring the mind, body, and spirit of program participants through a Total Health emphasis.