NSPIRE Job Training

The Employment aspect of the NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life Programs has several intended goals. From job experience and training, to fostering an attainable sense of responsibility, NSPIRE Job Training is a huge part of the total success achieved by program participants through NSPIRE Outreach.

As with anything worthwhile, it requires a commitment on the part of the participant and a willingness to leave old habits and ways of thinking behind. It is not a cake-walk. But it is also the single most effective program of its type I have ever seen.

Mark Koenig

NSPIRE Outreach is consistently working with men and women who are existing or have been existing in a state of perpetual homelessness through the NSPIRE Launch (13 weeks) and NSPIRE Life (6 months) programs. The ultimate goal of these programs is to offer more than just shelter for a night or a couple of hot meals to someone who is homeless. The ultimate goal is to help someone completely restore the present situation of their life, help them rehabilitate from the inside out, and help them rejuvenate their hope for a stable, productive, amazing future. Unfortunately, many of those who are homeless are also jobless. But the large majority weren’t always that way. Joblessness and Homelessness too often go hand in hand. That is one of the many reasons why NSPIRE Outreach seeks to help program participants end their perpetual state of homelessness by offering legitimate employment opportunities as well as Job Training.

Each program participant is hired and trained initially as a customer service representative for our clothing campaign. There are several types of employment and Job Training offered by NSPIRE inside and outside the scope of our local area clothing drive campaigns. These positions are definitely entry level positions, but they can serve as a very powerful stepping stone into job employment patterns that will hopefully springboard into a long-term career. The job training element of NSPIRE Outreach positions our successful program participants for future careers, and steady employment that earns each person a living wage, and a new lease on life.

Coordinating with the Educational aspect of the NSPIRE Outreach programs, NSPIRE Job Training can be hands-on training for specific jobs that coordinate with the outreach program, or they can literally be fully-sponsored, viable career path training for an area that an individual program participant is interested in. For instance, if someone has worked commercial construction in the past, or shows an innate giftedness for mechanical repair, NSPIRE Outreach will provide said participant with the opportunity to earn an official training certificate, be awarded an apprenticeship, or whatever method is most productive for the future.

Our program participants often secure jobs in the outside world very quickly upon graduation from NSPIRE Launch or NSPIRE Life. A small but ever-growing sample of the employers include, but are not limited to: Home Depot, Wal Mart, Kia Motors, Jireh Music, TGIF, Shoney's, Five Guys, US Pro Exterminators, Cleaning Force, Waffle House, Perfetta, K&G, Geographics, Red Lobster, Emory Hotel, Top Turf, Hyatt, Tyson Transportation, Recycled Rooms, GA Regional Hospital, and many more! As you can see, NSPIRE Job Training works, and is a very effective aspect of our total program.