NSPIRE Homeless Ministry

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The uniting factor for almost every NSPIRE Outreach program participant is quite simply the fact that they exist in a state of homelessness. NSPIRE Homeless Ministry seems to change that situation.

I was homeless, living on the street, going from shelter to shelter, until I found the NSPIRE program.

NSPIRE Outreach Program Participant

Since I came here from homelessness I've received employment, and enrolled back in college… It's not just a rehabilitation program it's a life program. GOD bless this place!

Khalid LB Watson

NSPIRE Outreach – Offering Safe, Life-Changing Housing to those in a Homeless Situation

The foundational issues for those in a perpetual state of Homelessness can vary from a whole host of different internal struggles and addictions to a myriad of external situations that are often unique to every individual. Some struggle with substance abuse, like an addition to prescription drugs, illegal off-market drugs, alcohol, or another substance. Some have dealt with abusive domestic situations. Some are Military Veterans who experience PTSD. But regardless of how or why someone is in a state of homelessness, living without a home is literally the unifying factor.

Perhaps the most common issue facing Homeless people from all types of backgrounds, who are facing all types of struggles, is simply the fact that they are existing in civil society without a home, a house, or adequate shelter.

NSPIRE Homeless Ministry – Changing the Lives of Homeless Men and Women

The NSPIRE Homeless Ministry works diligently to change the situation of homelessness, including the very literal situation of existing without a home. We seek to help all our program participants maintain a life of residency for the duration of their time within their chosen NSPIRE program. But primarily, NSPIRE Outreach seeks to do what is necessary in order to help every program participant be empowered enough to keep themselves in a safe, stable, positive state of residency, long after their official program participation has come to a close. Empowering the powerless, every day, in every conceivable situation. That’s why NSPIRE Outreach is so much more than a homeless shelter. It’s a Life Change Station.

Residency – A Pivotal Piece in Breaking Free from the Crippling Bondage of Homelessness

To help our NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life program participants break from the bondage of living in a perpetual state of homelessness, NSPIRE leases apartments and houses in safe, positive areas that provide stable, productive living environments for all of our participants. The number of simultaneous individual housing arrangements often varies to between 70-100 program participants at any given point in time.

NSPIRE Outreach’s Homeless Ministry works hand-in-hand with our program’s recovering men and women by providing counseling, clothing, spiritual evaluation and renewal, educational opportunities, jobs and job training, meals, skill training, life training, a holistic emphasis on wellness and well-being, and so much more.

But what would all that be worth if we didn’t remedy their #1 problem: Homelessness? Easily our biggest annual monetary cost involving our program participants is housing costs. Last year alone, nearly $300,000 was spent on housing costs for NSPIRE Launch and NSPIRE Life program participants. For the entire length of the NSPIRE Launch program, and for the first 13 weeks of the NSPIRE Life program, the entirety of these housing costs is completely covered by charitable donations to NSPIRE Outreach. The consistent housing environments that each program participant experiences allows them to have stability, safety, shelter, and an ability to focus on doing what is necessary for successfully rebuilding their lives and futures.