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NSPIRE Outreach and Hope for Domestic Violence and NSPIRE Donations are helping change the lives of those who are stuck in a state of homelessness, those who have dealt with domestic violence, those who are the victims of domestic abuse, those who have struggled with substance abuse, and those who truly need a hand up more than they need a handout. See how you can help those in need!

One of the best transitional programs in the United States of America.

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Who Are We?

NSPIRE Outreach is the officially designated, non-profit church organization that sponsors and administrates the programs of NSPIRE Launch (13-weeks), NSPIRE Life (6-months), and Hope for Domestic Violence (1-year). There are similarities between the 3 programs, but there are also many differences. Most of the initial differences between the 3 programs involve the manner in which a new program participant enters their respective program, and what specific circumstances brought them to the place they were at when they first entered a relationship with the NSPIRE family.

What Do We Do?

Regardless of where someone has been, what they’ve done, or how desolate their situation is, NSPIRE Outreach can set them on their own specific path to total, holistic, life-changing, mind-body-spirit restoration and rehabilitation process. The ultimate goal is to prepare and empower each program participant to be able to withstand any challenges they might face on the road to living their best life possible. NSPIRE Outreach provides housing, education, employment, clothing, professional counseling, spiritual training, job readiness training, skills training, healthy lifestyle training, and so much more to every program participant from NSPIRE Launch, NSPIRE Life, and HOPE for Domestic Abuse.

How Do We Do It?

Through private donations from amazing people just like you, as well as our local area clothing drives, NSPIRE Outreach is able to provide some of the most heralded total rehabilitation programs to homeless men and women, recovering drug addicts, alcoholics, those trying to escape domestic violence and abuse, and so much more. Primarily through these 2 major vehicles of funding, NSPIRE Outreach is able to help do much more than provide a hot meal or a warm bed for a single night to someone who needs full life rehabilitation. We are able to help some of the most desperate souls in our community find hope, and light, and a future that is positive, thriving, and life-altering.


If you feel compelled to help those in our community who have fallen on hard times, or have fallen victim to a state of homelessness, abusive situations, neglect, or despair, NSPIRE Outreach would love to assist you with your desire to help change lives. There are several different ways that individuals, businesses, non-profit organizations, churches, charitable organizations, and other people who care about people can help. Here are a few of the ways you can help today!

NSPIRE Outreach is a non-profit organization, ID # 58-2468623. All monetary and other donations are tax deductible. In whatever way you have felt led or obliged to contribute to changing lives through NSPIRE Outreach, NSPIRE Launch, NSPIRE Life, and HOPE for Domestic Violence, thank you for your generous support, and God bless you!