NSPIRE Clothing Drive

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The NSPIRE Clothing Drive Campaigns contribute to nearly 1/3 of all the program expenses for NSPIRE Outreach. You can help change lives this year by donating to the upcoming NSPIRE Clothing Drive!

Visit our clothing drive partner, clothingpickupatl.com, for more information on how you can donate today!Clothing Pickup ATL

I’m constantly impressed with how many lives are changed by the power of used clothes! NSPIRE does a phenomenal job being transparent and transformative in their pursuit of ending poverty and the "less-than" mentality.

Stefani Wade

Great organization!!!!! Nspire has helped so many people. It's amazing how donated clothes can help so many people get jobs, education, reconnect with family and much more.

Gene Byce

Because of generous donations from our friends and neighbors around the Southeast, just like you, each NSPIRE Outreach Program Participant is given a newly furnished wardrobe, complete with work attire for job training, current employment, and future employment opportunities, as well as athletic apparel and shoes for the Healthy Lifestyle section of the NSPIRE Outreach Program they are involved in (NSPIRE Launch, NSPIRE Life, HOPE for Domestic Violence). That is the first level of distribution

Once our program participants have been furnished with new wardrobes, our efforts turn towards providing clothing directly for thousands of homeless individuals in our local community who are not directly affiliated with NSPIRE Outreach or it’s programs. Additionally, many clothes are given to dozens of local area homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and other charitable organizations where those being ministered to are in dire need of new clothing. This is the second level of distribution.

Any clothing that exceeds these first two direct needs for distribution are then sold in bulk to Thrift Stores. Every proceed from these sales goes to help fund the immense costs involved with NSPIRE Outreach’s 3 primary programs, NSPIRE Launch, NSPIRE Life, and HOPE for Domestic Violence. NSPIRE Outreach has transparently used these resources as a major factor in funding our programs that help completely restore, rehabilitate, and reorient the lives of those who are homeless, abused, neglected, and desperate for change. This is the third level of distribution from clothing donated by thoughtful, caring, remarkable individuals just like you.

What Do the Proceeds from the NSPIRE Clothing Drives go towards providing?

Would you consider donating your used clothing to help change lives? If you haven’t already been contacted by an NSPIRE Outreach or HOPE for Domestic Violence program participant by phone or email, and you’d like to schedule a pickup for your donations, please contact us via telephone, email, or through the following web link: http://donations.clothingpickupatl.com/register.aspx