NSPIRE Clothing Drive

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The NSPIRE Clothing Drive Campaigns contribute to nearly 1/3 of all the program expenses for NSPIRE Outreach. You can help change lives this year by donating to the upcoming NSPIRE Clothing Drive!

Visit our clothing drive partner, clothingpickupatl.com, for more information on how you can donate today!Clothing Pickup ATL

I’m constantly impressed with how many lives are changed by the power of used clothes! NSPIRE does a phenomenal job being transparent and transformative in their pursuit of ending poverty and the "less-than" mentality.

Stefani Wade

Does NSPIRE pick up clothing donations?

A big part of the NSPIRE Outreach Clothing Drive is the Clothing Pickup. The entire clothing drive process for NSPIRE Outreach is beneficial to many people for several different reasons. As part of the full-scale life rehabilitation for our program participants, we offer job training that not only gives our people an enhanced set of skills they can turn into gainful employment, but also gives official work experience that will help them navigate into hopeful employment.

Some program participants might be trained for making donation calls, others may be trained for clothing pickup operations, and others might be trained for clothing care and distribution. If you receive a call from one of our program participants, they will likely ask if you’re interested in donating any new or slightly used clothing.

If you decide to donate your new or gently used clothing to NSPIRE Outreach, a Clothing Pickup will be scheduled at the next available time that intersects with your earliest convenience. You do not have to be present at the time of the pickup, but it is absolutely fine if you want to be there. Our clothing pickup operators will gladly give you a donations receipt for your tax exempting purposes, or they will leave the receipt at a pre-determined location for you at your home.

If there is ever a problem with your previously arranged clothing pickup, please don’t hesitate to contact us at info@nspireoutreach.org or call us Toll Free at 1-800-775-9020. Thank you so much for your patience, your understanding, and your support as we try to end homelessness and domestic abuse in our community.

Great organization!!!!! Nspire has helped so many people. It's amazing how donated clothes can help so many people get jobs, education, reconnect with family and much more.

Gene Byce

What happens to the donated clothing?

Because of generous donations from our friends and neighbors around the Southeast, just like you, each NSPIRE Outreach Program Participant is given a newly furnished wardrobe, complete with work attire for job training, current employment, and future employment opportunities, as well as athletic apparel and shoes for the Healthy Lifestyle section of the NSPIRE Outreach Program they are involved in (NSPIRE Launch, NSPIRE Life, HOPE for Domestic Violence). That is the first level of distribution

Once our program participants have been furnished with new wardrobes, our efforts turn towards providing clothing directly for thousands of homeless individuals in our local community who are not directly affiliated with NSPIRE Outreach or it’s programs. Additionally, many clothes are given to dozens of local area homeless shelters, domestic violence shelters, and other charitable organizations where those being ministered to are in dire need of new clothing. This is the second level of distribution.

Any clothing that exceeds these first two direct needs for distribution are then sold in bulk to Thrift Stores. Every proceed from these sales goes to help fund the immense costs involved with NSPIRE Outreach’s 3 primary programs, NSPIRE Launch, NSPIRE Life, and HOPE for Domestic Violence. NSPIRE Outreach has transparently used these resources as a major factor in funding our programs that help completely restore, rehabilitate, and reorient the lives of those who are homeless, abused, neglected, and desperate for change. This is the third level of distribution from clothing donated by thoughtful, caring, remarkable individuals just like you.

What Do the Proceeds from the NSPIRE Clothing Drives go towards providing?

Does NSPIRE receive many complaints about its clothing donation program?

Year in and year out, some of the most common NSPIRE Outreach Complaints arise from our Clothing Drives. Specifically, people are upset about being called for donations, or they are upset about something regarding their Clothing Pickup. Many of the personnel in our call center are either program participants in our homeless and domestic abuse rehabilitation programs, and are receiving on-the-job career training that will not only give them skills for employment, as well as job experience, but might very well save their life. The same thing applies to those who are on clothing pickup runs, or who are tasked with separating donated clothing for distribution.

If you have been called regarding a potential clothing donation, and you no longer want to be called, we humbly apologize. If you have truly asked to have been added to our DO NOT CALL list, but you have still been called, we apologize even further, and will take every necessary step to remedy this problem.

While we appreciate the patience and understanding of kindhearted people like yourself, we have the desire to train our program participants not only for a job, but for the real world. If they perform poorly at their job in the real world, they stand the danger of being reprimanded, demoted, or even losing their job. Learning how to keep gainful employment is one of the vital skills that our program participants can learn. And excelling in their chosen craft is one of the more fulfilling things anyone can do, especially when it’s worked for.

It would be easy to only hire trained professionals to take care of these things, especially since the front-facing side of our clothing drive campaigns is so critical to our reputation. But we feel this would be unfair to program participants who are in actual need of job skills training, as well as job experience that will help them build a strong, viable future away from homelessness, drug and alcohol abuse, domestic violence, or anything else they have been struggling with.

In this spirit of professionalism and growth, we hope that our friends and neighbors will continue to help point out the areas we need to change. We thank you for your donations, your support, and your criticisms. Without them, we wouldn’t be here.

Would you consider donating your used clothing to help change lives? If you haven’t already been contacted by an NSPIRE Outreach or HOPE for Domestic Violence program participant by phone or email, and you’d like to schedule a pickup for your donations, please contact us via telephone, email, or through the following web link: http://donations.clothingpickupatl.com/register.aspx