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The entire NSPIRE Outreach Atlanta team has been committed to helping empower and fully rehabilitate those dealing with homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, abuse, neglect, and more. The Leadership Team from NSPIRE Atlanta tirelessly works for the benefit of every program participant.

I thank god for putting kind hearted, loving, caring people (Gregg..Pam..Jerome) in this world..if it wasn’t for them, I don’t know where I’d be. I love them. NSPIRE Outreach gets 10stars from me!

Crystal Dorsey

The 2016 recipient of the Greater Gwinnet Reentry Alliance’s “Best Ministry” award, NSPIRE Outreach was officially founded as a church in North Metro Atlanta in 1999. From day one of the church’s inception, the goal has always been to be more than a weekly meeting for church-goers. The vision of NSPIRE Outreach in Atlanta and in the Southeast, from founder Gregg Kennard and from all the foundational leadership at NSPIRE, was to actively enact change on a community that was so desperately in need.

Our Team

Gregg Kennard

Executive Director
Gregg Kennard is the founder and senior pastor of NSPIRE. His message is love for God, yourself, and others and carries out that message by serving his community in practical expressions. Gregg possesses gifts of teaching, music, and leadership and his best friend is his wife, Pam; they have three daughters: Alex, Abbe, and Anna Marie.

Pam Kennard

Client Management
Pam is a tremendous asset to the organization with a number of multiple purpose roles including: parenting enrichment classes, client financial management, advocate and school liaison to our children in residence. She has been married to Gregg since 1991, holds their family of five together, and they founded NSPIRE in 1999.

Jerome Wyatt

Program Director
Jerome has been with NSPIRE since 2011 and serves in multiple capacities including intake/interviews, residential management, client scheduling, recovery support, clothing and pantry services. Jerome is married to Cheryl, and they have 6 kids and 12 grands. Jerome is from Queens, NY.

Cheryl Wyatt

Community Relations
Cheryl has been serving the program since 2010 and she is the primary first contact with NSPIRE via phone or email. She also manages transportation services and client intake. She grew up in Harlem before moving to Georgia and she has been married to Jerome since 2013. Additionally, Cheryl is a certified peer specialist.

Terrence Pierce

New Orleans is the home of Terrence who relocated after Katrina in 2005. Since, 2016, he has been serving NSPIRE as a certified addiction counselor and his overall career in addiction therapy spans over 30 years. Terrence is also a racquetball enthusiast and has a son and daughter.

Michael Foster

Client Services
Michael came to NSPIRE in 2016 and quickly became a key member of the leadership team. He is the organization’s personal trainer, operates the computer lab, GED preparation class, scheduling and transportation services. He is a certified anger management instructor and is a certified addiction counselor in training. Michael, raised in a military family, has travelled and spent time in six continents.

Tanya Brown

Client Services
Tanya is a retired Army Captain with a bachelor’s in psychology and she earned her M.A. in business. As a peer specialist, she brings her personal experience to our clients with great empathy and compassion. She was born in raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and has a daughter and son. Tanya provides many practical services to the program including teaching the financial literacy curriculum. She started with NSPIRE in 2017.

Donald Dae

Weekend Manager
Donald, NSPIRE’s newest staff member, has client management responsibilities across Saturdays and Sundays for the program. He is studying to be a certified addiction counselor and is a respected leader among the group. Donald hails from Memphis, Tennessee and has one daughter.

Pastor Gregg Kennard is dedicated to helping individuals get off the streets and into a new life. He tirelessly works every day to encourage, educate and inspire every member of his program to become the person that God intended.

Marianne Patterson

The NSPIRE Outreach leadership felt that even though there were many ministries dedicated to sheltering the homeless, there was a remarkable need for something that would help END homelessness and the myriad of other issues that always seemed to fuel a person’s homeless condition. That is why NSPIRE Outreach officially developed the NSPIRE Launch (13 Weeks), NSPIRE Life (6 Months), and HOPE for Domestic Violence (1 Year) programs, beginning in 2007.

Gregg Kennard is a phenomenal awesome man of God and although I'm only an employee of NSPIRE outreach through his example and Christlike love to all those who he encourages and helps has been a huge help to me as well and has had an amazing impact on my life. EXCELLENT PROGRAM! I would encourage anyone who needs the help of this program to not hesitate.

Sondi Chavez

Since the launch of these programs, thousands of people have been empowered to escape situations of homelessness, substance abuse, domestic violence, and more. NSPIRE Outreach boasts one of the highest percentages of completely rehabilitated program participants in the country. But those people would not be reached without the foresight, guidance, and tireless labor from the NSPIRE Atlanta leadership team.

As a homeless man back in august 2008, pastor Gregg took me off the streets and gave me another chance to be a more positive man again and to better myself.