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“NSPIRE gave me the tools to change my life. I was homeless for two years. But now I'm on my way to a career and a bright future. I thank NSPIRE for everything they have done for me.”

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One of the most important aspects of the NSPIRE Launch (13 weeks) and NSPIRE Life (6 months) programs is the Employment and Job Training Opportunities from NSPIRE Outreach. We believe there are few better ways to help someone end a perpetual state of homelessness than to help them embark on a life of self-sufficiency.


Easily the single greatest cost of all the NSPIRE Outreach programs is Housing. NSPIRE Outreach helps our program participants by offering safe housing that gives them the opportunity to change their situation, their mentality, and the entire scope of their life. You can help us change lives by donating to our Housing Programs today!


The entire NSPIRE Outreach family believes that Education is one of the most potent ways to help empower someone rising from a perpetual state of homelessness. By helping fund GED programs, tech school programs, and secondary education degrees, program participants have the opportunity to vault their existence to new levels.

NSPIRE Outreach takes a holistic approach towards restoration.


Professional Counseling often helps our program participants unlock the multiple factors that have contributed to the unfavorable situation in which they have found themselves. The Counseling offered through NSPIRE Outreach often helps program participants process their past and move successfully into a new, vibrant future.


The holistic approach that NSPIRE Outreach enlists in helping end homelessness is one that approaches healing and restoration for the Body, Mind, and Spirit of program partcipants. We believe that a focus on a Healthy Lifestyle should include aspects of Physical Fitness, Proper Nutrition, and Addiction-Free Living.


Donated Clothing, from caring people just like you, help provide new wardrobes for our program participants, clothing for thousands of homeless individuals and multiple homeless shelters in our community. Clothing drives also provide employment for program participants, and help fund over 1/3 of our total program costs.

NSPIRE Clothing Drives

The NSPIRE Clothing Drive Campaigns contribute to nearly 1/3 of all the program expenses for NSPIRE Outreach. You can help change lives this year by donating to the upcoming NSPIRE Clothing Drive!

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NSPIRE Leadership

The Entire NSPIRE Outreach Leadership Team is committed to the empowerment and holistic restoration of those who exist in a cycle of homelessness, addiction, domestic violence, abuse, and neglect.

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