Job Training

The job training element of NSPIRE Outreach positions our clients for future careers and employment that earns a living wage.

Our clients and graduates have secured jobs on the outside. Here is a small sample of the employers: Home Depot, Wal Mart, Kia Motors, Jireh Music, TGIF, Shoney's, Five Guys, US Pro Exterminators, Cleaning Force, Waffle House, Perfetta, K&G, Geographics, Red Lobster, Emory Hotel, Top Turf, Hyatt, Tyson Transportation, Recycled Rooms, GA Regional Hospital


NSPIRE leases apartments and houses that provide excellent living arrangements for all of our participants, now over 100 strong. The consistent housing environment allows our clients the stability to work on rebuilding their lives and futures.   


Each client is required to participate in continued education. This may represent obtaining a GED, an online certificate program, 2-year technical degree, or a full four-year degree. The NSPIRE program awards a $500 grant to each client to assist with books, supplies, tuitions, etc.


The program participants meet weekly with a clinical psychologist with specific experience in addiction, abuse and post-traumatic stress disorder. They meet in groups as well as individually. The group sessions focus on survival skills, living and working in community and addressing fears and life changes during this transition.


The cornerstone of this program is faith in God. The program emphasizes living a Spirit-led life. Each week, the group meets for church services, prayer, and bibles studies.

Health and Fitness

This is a holistic effort and physical health and well being are very important. A physical training program is in place and each client they hits the gym two-three times a week as part of their program commitment. Nutrition is also emphasized as well as a substance-free life. Random drug and alcohol screens are part of the accountability system.   

Life Coaching

The NSPIRE life-skills coaching classes include: 

  • goal setting
  • self esteem
  • financial literacy
  • career readiness
  • drug/alcohol recovery